Green Central Banking Latest news on central banking and climate change


We were asked by The Sunrise Project to pitch on this important campaign website. There is a vast array of information, research and news on central banks and climate change, and this platform was to cut through the noise and provide comprehensive and up-to-date content on key issues.

Our proactive approach, research and eagerness to contribute to the debate made Ruby the proud long term web partner for the Green Central Banking website. It has the design of a modern news site with a strong visual identity. On the development side, the interactive online version of the annual report can be highlighted. It is made by Positive Money, that scores and ranks the full range of green policies and initiatives that G20 central banks’ have adopted.

Altogether, the green central banking platform is holding the central banks accountable, with a special focus on the Bank of England, Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank at time of launch. In 2022 user testing is initiated for a natural update of the site.

Quote Hilal Atici

“Ruby made us better. They were very much focused on how the audience thinks or how might they react and they could find a sweet spot between our needs and the audience. That was very hard work.”

“We have reached out to 100.000 in two months even though we were aiming for a very niche audience.”

Hilal Atici
Senior Strategist, The Sunrise Project