Chat Board The original magnetic glass board


The original and first of its kind, the CHAT BOARD® magnetic glass board saw the light of day in 2003. Since 2020 Ruby has been the web partner.

Chat Board wanted their core ethos to shine throughout a new website, while keeping the format design straightforward, fuzz-free and aesthetically appealing.

Quote Maja Gudmann

From the first day of launch the feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive. Our sales force have gained a highly useful tool, which has made their work a lot easier, and the general feedback is that they now guide clients through the site with pride and pleasure.

Ruby Studio seem to take their cue from the client and shape their services around them, and this was particularly invaluable and helpful to us. We always felt that they went to great lengths to ensure that our particular needs and requirements were met.

Maja Gudmann
Marketing Coordinator