Astep - where legacy meets innovation and timeless design


Astep is a forward-looking company dedicated to enhancing quality of life by merging the benefits of new technologies with a deep respect for people, objects, and the environment — a cornerstone of excellent design. The company also pays homage to the evolution of design by reissuing iconic pieces from the family heritage.

Alessandro Sarfatti, the founder of Astep, follows in the footsteps of his father, Riccardo Sarfatti, who established Luceplan in 1978, and his grandfather, Gino Sarfatti, who founded Arteluce in 1939. World know luminaires.  So we felt the pressure, when asked to design and develop the new online venture of Astep.

With the premise of storytelling over commercial focus, we created an aesthetic strong yet inclusive platform, showcasing Astep designers, projects and products using 3D, AR and original imagery. Integration with own PIM/CRM system, Astep now has a state of the art platform.

It has been a rare privilege to work with such distinguished legacy and with the latest touch of being B Corp certified, Astep is walking the talk.