Insure Our Future Putting pressure on the insurance industry


Did you know that only 9 of the worlds insurance companies have committed to end or restrict underwriting for new oil and gas projects? The Sunrise Project is putting important pressure on insurers because, undoubtedly, our best insurance is to keep fossil fuels in the ground !!

We were ask to collect and streamline the existing three branches of the campaign in one custom CMS, and support the complete rewrite of content with a more powerful web design, sticking with recognisable features of the campaign identity.

We achieved this with a custom WordPress multisite, with the official scorecard hosted on the main domain, and then embedded to subdomains for the individual US and Global campaign.

Quote Emilene Sivagnanam

Ruby Studio was very accommodating with our dynamic timeline, always promptly sought solutions to our questions, and navigated very well with our different offices.

Our new website makes our campaign look more professional and helps streamline the user experience, and we look forward to the on-going developments with Ruby Studio as an active web partner.

Emilene Sivagnanam
Senior Digital Campaigner, U.S. & Global Insurance