GECKO Consortium Understanding the ancestral causes of obesity


GECKO is a consortium of international researchers interested in nutrition, epigenetic inheritance and metabolic health, funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

We were asked to find an alternative approach to communicate heavy technical data to both the public and scientific community without excluding the other. To do so, we created an audience switch, which allows targeted communication and adds to the interaction level. As a supplement, we created an in-text glossary feature to break down the scientific language.

Proud full-service partner

We, at Ruby Studio, are a proud full-service partner for this project - from visual identity, design and development to hosting and support - and we are just as excited to follow the studies progress.

"We selected Ruby Studio in the end because the team appeared to us to be the most proactive and creative. The team also coped exceptionally well with grasping our work which is rather in-depth/niche research. The design they showed us was just better than anything we could have envisioned”

Darja Dobermann
Research Coordinatorn, GECKO

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